Box of Sox running on iPad Simulator

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As I mentioned earlier, we are fully supporting the new Apple iPad and here is a link showing off one of the most popular built with Corona iPhone Apps, Box of Sox, running in the new iPad Simulator, Box Of Sox. Today, you can start using Corona as is, and your apps will work on the iPad. We will also take advantage of the lead time to add iPad features into Corona and above all, we will continue to keep a small footprint, take advantage of hardware accelerated graphics, and run at 30FPS or better. Carlos

Ansca Corona to fully support the iPad

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Just want to let you all know that we are fully, 100% committed in supporting the new Apple iPad. Apple, again, delivers what could be a new and exciting product and we are feverishly working on updating out Corona SDK to fully support the iPad. As we get closer to a release for the new Corona SDK with support fo the iPad, we will let you know. All current Corona based apps should work and future apps done on the current SDK should work on the iPad as well. And our very own Walter Luh, CTO and Co-founder of Ansca, has been quoted on InformationWeek regarding the new Apple iPad. Carlos

Well, this is exciting, isn’t it?

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So the Nexus Ones arrived at the office, and the Android 2.1 desktop now has animated red and blue wallpaper pixels, and in related news I don’t even care enough to finish this joke because I’m waiting for tomorrow at 10AM like everyone else in the industry. I think I may go down to the SF Apple Store to see if collective hopes and dreams can actually levitate a building.

“Core Damage” gets a 9 out of 10

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It makes me really happy when I read a review about a game that was developed using Corona and getting a 9 out of a 10 rating. “Core Damage” is such a game and its review at The iPhone App Review is phenomenal. “Like I said, I love games that use the accelerometer in unique and interesting ways – and maybe I’m a little bit biased toward that end – but Core Damage is a really fun and addictive game. Well worth a look!” Am happy. Am sure the folks at Comrade Software are happy too. Thank you guys for a great game and for using Corona! Carlos

Welcome Eric Herrmann and Evan Kirchhoff

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Today, am happy to announce a new addition to the Ansca team. Eric Herrmann, programmer extraordinaire, graphics guru & mobile developer, joins us as Director of Engineering from Adobe Systems. Eric and I first met at Macromedia while working on the first version of Flash Mobile Authoring. He led the Mac efforts for Flash Lite, Mac development for the  Flash Mobile Authoring tool and then worked with me and with Walter on FlashLite 3.0. Eric has a deep understanding of computer graphics, authoring tools, and runtime environments for both desktop and non-pc devices, and a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Eric will be in charge of our 2D graphics engine as well as maintaining a small footprint and increased performance on our rendering

App Store Approvals Suddenly Much Faster?

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As iPhone developers know, Apple shut down iTunes Connect and their App Store approval pipeline for a few days over Christmas. When it came back, everything looked about the same — except for increasing anecdotal evidence that approval times have gotten a lot shorter. The classic pattern used to be that nothing got through in less than two weeks, and some apps took much longer. In a simple case, it would generally take about a week for an uploaded binary to move from “Waiting for Review” to “In Review”, and then there might be another week before approval (or rejection). Since the holidays, I’ve personally seen an app submitted at the end of a week go into review on the weekend, and receive approval by