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Join The iPhone Network Lounge, hosted by Bamboudesign, Inc for an iPhone networking event and hear Carlos Icaza (that would be me!) from Ansca, Inc., present the latest release of Corona, an amazing alternative iPhone SDK that makes developing iPhone apps a breeze to seasoned developers and accessible to Flash and web developers alike !

Visit the iPhone Network Lounge for details to this event.

When: Februay 25, 2010
Where: San Francisco, Miami Ad School, 415 Jackson Street.
Time: 6.30pm-9pm
Attendance: unlimited
Cost: contributions only

Thanks and we hope to see you there.

Event organized by Bamboudesign and hosted by Marine Leroux, CEO and Founder of Bamboudesign, Inc.

Bamboudesign is Ansca’s authorized training partner.

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  1. ShermB

    Just wondering, can Corona access/integrate with the iPhone calendar? Or does Corona have any calendar capabilities?


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