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You’re not supposed to be seeing this. We are not having this conversation.

The video below shows something that’s pre-beta, pre-alpha, not currently shipping and not ready for prime time. ┬áIn fact, it doesn’t really exist and you didn’t hear it from me. But trust me and press “play”, because you’ll be impressed at what Corona can do:

Emergent behavior is cool. But that isn’t the best part! The best part isn’t in the video: you won’t believe how few lines of code it will take to build things like this. I’m really excited by our API design (that sounds odd, but I’m serious) and what it will mean for game developers.

But I’ve already said too much — if this post disappears tomorrow, you’ll know why…

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7 Responses to “Smuggled footage from Ansca Labs: Corona physics engine test”

  1. Oswald Campesato

    Very very nice:) Btw, I vaguely remember seeing a similar effect (a year ago, perhaps) in a Java-based program, but alas I don’t recall any of the details.

  2. Evan

    anchovie: This is box2d support! We’re demoing more of this at 360iDev next week in San Jose, including what the code will look like in Corona (teaser: it’ll be much easier to use than any existing Box2d implementation).

  3. anchovie

    evan -> awesome. wasn`t sure if you rolled your own engine but this is excellent news !!


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