Targeting your mobile apps? Don't forget about Asia!

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A couple weeks ago, we blogged how smartphone sales were growing in the U.S. and worldwide, opening up a larger market for mobile apps and gaming. Well, it seems like this is especially true across the Pacific! Earlier this week, the new iPhone 4 went up for presale in South Korea. The resulting avalanche of preorders (130,000 in 13 hours!) crashed the servers of KT Corp., the Korean iPhone carrier. By comparison, the previous iPhone 3GS presold 60,000 units on its first day in Korea late last year. Even though these numbers barely compare to U.S. iPhone 4 preorders from this past June, (600,000 on the first day, which also crashed servers) they illustrate the mobile market that is emerging in the Far East. In

New Apps Showcase: Week of August 15

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Doodle Dash! by Beebe Games In Doodle Dash!, you guide a cute blue monster named “Dash” through the Doodle forest to collect as many gems as you can before getting caught by the monsters. You’ll wade past evil flying bunnies, bombs, and fat cyclops as you collect gems and yellow stars (which Dash hasn’t quite decided if he likes or not). Guitar Fretter by Stenzinger Software Guitar Fretter is an exciting action-puzzle game! Not only do you learn the notes on a 6-string guitar while you play, but the action gets intense as you solve each level, unlock all the strings, and earn huge bonus points for full-matched frets and full-matched strings. Can you defeat the Minions? Star Poker + by Erin Lin Star Joker

Bay Area Video Game Development Meetup reveals demand for Corona developers

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Last Tuesday, the Ansca Mobile team was at the Bay Area Video Game Development Meetup in San Francisco, talking to developers and showing off a preview of Corona Game Edition. It was great to see the thriving community that exists in the Bay Area around the meteorically rising game-building industry. The most eye-opening experience of the night came from the various game development studios that were in attendance. A few of them came over to the Ansca Mobile booth asking if we could provide them with developers who they could contract to create games with Corona! They elaborated that Corona’s fast turn-around time and rapid, on-device prototyping were especially attractive to them, from a business perspective, and that working with Corona would allow them to

Math with Mathaliens creator talks Corona-made educational apps

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Bohumil Vosicky of Czech Republic-based 22learn talks to us about the extra challenges that go into creating educational apps for children, and why he thinks Corona is the best for doing so. You can check out Bohumil’s recently launched Math with Mathaliens for iPad in the App Store. First off, can you tell me about your background as a developer? What platforms and languages do you have experience in, and which one do you prefer most? It’s been about twenty years now since my wife and I decided to leave our careers as teachers and shifted our efforts towards the development of educational software. Initially, we primarily focused on software for primary schools and eventually succeeded in building one of the most respected companies in

Ansca at iOS 4.0 Development Training Camp (slides now available)

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Over the weekend, Chia and I headed down to Mountain View to speak at the iOS 4.0 Developer Training Camp, put on by the Silicon Valley iPhone/iPad Business Meetup group. Ansca was also one of the day’s sponsors, and the main topics for my session were iPhone provisioning and App Store submission. The turnout was quite high, and it was a great audience: mostly experienced developers who were new to the iPhone, but all highly engaged by the subject. Apple’s iPhone Provisioning Portal, along with the general problem of setting up your environment and signing certificates, is a notorious trouble spot for new iPhone developers. In fact, a good chunk of our customer support here at Ansca consists of resolving Apple setup issues that technically

Android outsells iPhone: cross-platform development is a must!

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Yesterday, an NPD Group report revealed that Android devices were the top-selling smartphones in the U.S. last quarter. Android devices made up 33% of newly bought smartphones, BlackBerries dropped nine points from Q1 to 28%, and iPhones  comprised 22%. Cross-platform development now is a necessity. While the iPhone traditionally held the overwhelming majority of app market share for years, the Android app market has been catching up quickly over the past several months. Just this past week, the Android Market doubled in size from three months ago to the 100,000 apps landmark. As the Android Market grows, Apple is likely to step up efforts to keep its App Store as the largest mobile app outlet. The resulting “apps race” — exponentially increasing both markets’ app

Hop to the Top with Corona SDK: David Fox of Orange Fox Games interview

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Last week, David Fox of Orange Fox Games saw his Hop to the Top iPhone game enter the App Store.  This week, he talks to us about the making of his game, and why he switched to Corona in order to build it. You can learn more about Hop to the Top at the Orange Fox web site. Starting off, what’s your background as a developer? What’s your preferred platform to create for? When I was about 11, I took a summer camp course on the basics of Flash.  This got me interested in the development of games, specifically for the web.  A few years later, I paired up with my development partner Ryan (co-creator of Hop to the Top) in high school and we decided