We know many of you are using Corona SDK and Game Edition on both a laptop and a desktop, and having to deauthorize and reauthorize your machines manually. Now in the new release of Corona SDK at $249 and Game Edition at $349, you can authorize one primary and one secondary machine per license.

You may have also noticed our new Welcome Screen that gets you started faster with documentation, sample code, and other workflow improvements. Plus we have a new icon designed by Jennifer P. Albrecht-Buehler; you can see it below or when you download the brand new Corona SDK.

  1. Hi, How can I deauthorized my computer? My computer got crash several time and I reinstall Corona SDK several time in the same computer. This time it said that I have to deauthorize other computer before I log in this computer.

  2. I have been using corona pro license since 1 year and today I updated to android indie, when I was beginning to work and was about to release my app today I get this message corona is registered on 2 other computers, now I left my previous company which gave me laptop and my old pc is also gone I tried deauthorize corona on my iMac but it never happened I am pretty much disappointed but this, sent a mail to deauthorize my computers containing old 1 year back corona version , when will this be done and will I be able to use corona on new machines if this is not done, if no then will I get my money back :p

  3. Some of us, like myself, Have two main computers (one at office, another at home), and then a portable laptop. I think Corona should authorize three machines per license since there is only one user.

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