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This is the so-called fragmentation problem. To sum it up, AIR only runs on 34% of Android devices in the wild. This means you won’t be able to reach 66% of potential customers with an AIR based solution. And all of a sudden, the cross-platform solution isn’t so cross-platform after all. And the fog rolls back in for a few days.

Enter Corona into the picture. Corona is built from the ground up for mobile, by former Flash and Flashlite engineers. It’s small, fast, and portable across iOS and Android. And on Android, the minimum version is 1.6. This means that Corona runs on 90% of the Android world. That is 270% of what you can get out of AIR.

270%! That’s almost three times the potential sales for your Android product. That fact should make your decision to go with Corona a little easier.

The reason for AIR being restricted to Froyo? I’m sure Adobe will never tell. But I suspect they are completely dependent on performance improvements in the Froyo OS. Corona, by contrast, fully utilizes a phone’s graphics hardware, and our core engine is built for mobile speed.

Oh, and there’s platform integration. Corona apps on Android are native Android apps; Corona apps on iOS are native iOS apps. And we have integration with native UI and device features that AIR only dreams of. But we’ll leave that full discussion for another day.

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