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While it’s awfully hard to fill a bag with candy via the Internet, the folks at just gave us some Particle Candy to share with you! Particle Candy is a high-performance particle/effects engine, which X-Pressive have now made available for Corona.


You soon will be able to implementĀ Particle Candy in your own Corona creations by following X-Pressive’s very easy How to Guide.

The best part? No cavities! ;-)

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7 Responses to “Trick or Treat! Particle Candy for CoronaAnimated particle systems for your apps and games”

  1. alwzn4vr

    Really cool but this is what is says on their download section:

    “Particle Candy for Corona is in a final testing phase and will be available here within the next few days. Please check back.”

    More trick than treat at this point. Looking forward to it nonetheless.


    Hi there,
    Particle Candy Corona is currently in a final testing stage. This means we handed it over to other Corona developers to implement the library into their games that will be published soon. This is to ensure the best possible performance and memory management in “real-world” conditions.

    We are also talking with Ansca about a Corona / Particle Candy bundle or a native port (last one would offer the best performance, of course). The main reason why we do not rush to publish the library too early is to squeeze out the best possible performance while keeping all the nice features. So please be patient for a week or so, it will be worth it.


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