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A few backs, Carlos hosted a Corona 101: Intro to Basics webinar to show you how to properly get your feet wet in Corona.

Unfortunately, a lot of you couldn’t make it to this webinar. So, we’ve decided to provide a video of it for you! Simply click the screenshot below to start watching…

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8 Responses to “Corona webinar from October 19”

  1. Mike (Oz Machine)

    I’m having difficulty watching the entire thing, as the server keeps timing out the transfer. I’m manually downloading the flv, so I’ll get to see the whole thing eventually. :)

    Thanks for making the webinar. It’s very interesting to see the humans behind Corona. :)

  2. carlos

    Thats odd… Maybe there are thousands watching the video at the same time ;-)

    We have a new webminar coming up on Friday.


  3. Gurbs

    Hi guys!
    I’m watching the first seminar right now!

    It has been awesome so far (just started using Corona yesterday), but I think the whole pause-for-questions is a bit overwhelming… You guys should present the whole thing then host a question-post or something. Just a suggestion ;-)

    I’ll be here tomorrow for the Webminar!

  4. Jason Locke

    Can you please post to YouTube. As you know, FLVs don’t work on mist mobiles. Thanks a bunch!


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