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Piggybacking off the Quick Start Guide and video tutorials that we’ve recently created for you, we now bring you a newly revamped Sample Apps page!

Some of the highlights of the Sample Apps page now include:

  • Social Networking: Learn how to add Facebook and Twitter integration to your apps.
  • Storage: These example show you how to create and read API’s.
  • Platform-specific: When you just want to work in one platform, these sample codes that deal only with iPad, iPhone, or Droid will assist you in creating your next app or game.

To see the rest, head on over to the page — oh, and let us know how you like its new layout!

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2 Responses to “New Sample Apps page for Corona”

  1. Joe

    You have a lot of dead links around that go to “/sample-code”. You should redirect that URL to the new samples page.


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