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…So far, the game has made addicts out of 1.5 million iPhone users!
Robert, what have you done???

* UPDATE, 01/18/2011: Bubble Ball just surpassed 3 million downloads in the App Store, less than three weeks since its release!

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21 Responses to “Corona SDK game by 14-year-old developer reaches #1, dethrones Angry Birds”

  1. Kyle

    Congratulations! Not to burst your “bubble”, of course, but Angry Birds is a paid app. Bubble Ball has beaten Angry Birds Seasons Free.

  2. Alex Souza

    I would love to understand (besides the playability) what drove the performance (marketing campaign, word of mouth, etc)? Millions of users in this forum maybe :)?

    Congrats to Robert!

  3. Drew

    I just saw a video about this story on Yahoo! News. Very impressive. The story said that had he charged $1 for each download, he could have had enogh money to cover 4 year’s wort of tuition at Brigham Young University (his universityof choice for the future) a hundred times over. I could not help but think to myself, ‘Why would a boy obviously so resourceful and savvy waste time and money to get a degree?’ He obviously doesn’t need it, and most degrees are not worth the paper they’re printed on. I hope he changes his mind.

  4. Barrett

    If he had charged money he might not have had the success he did.

    Corona guys, did he actually buy a $349 dollar license!? Lot of money for a child his age. If he hasn’t bought it yet you should probably gift him a copy for all this exposure.

  5. Anonymous

    Why are kid of these days that intelligent and smart. I guess even first class students in my school(university) couldnt have tried their hands on that..


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