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Last May, I had predicted that if they played their cards right, Palm/HP could challenge Apple at its own game. Since then I’ve been wondering if I should ever bother making more predictions, since nothing seemed to be happening from the Palm division.

Then yesterday the TouchPad was announced.

Sure there’s plenty of challenges ahead for WebOS, especially on the app/developer ecosystem side. But there’s still hope I can continue to moonlight as a tech pundit. After all, the same desire to deliver great experiences that runs in Apple’s blood also runs in Palm’s.

You don’t need a WebOS-based device to believe me. Just look at the aesthetics of Palm’s developer portal.

(Now, contrast that with Android’s…)

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8 Responses to “Palm (HP) is back!”

  1. Jayant C Varma

    Hmmm, One of the pictures from Carlos has to be one of these, otherwise you wouldn;t just talk about it casually…

  2. PeterBailey

    Yeah, this is great to see. Does that mean we will be able to target this platform with our Corona based apps in the future? That would be great!

  3. Bob

    I think the Android site is nice, but than again maybe I’m too much of a engineer to get sucked into a more complex web interface.

  4. Scott Janousek

    I remember when Ansca posted about HP being the next big Microsoft from the 90’s (after the Palm merger). Interesting developments these days, indeed. Keep on ‘atruckin HP. :)


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