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…Not too long afterward, Edgar and Cesar quickly made bounds of progress with their game, occasionally picking Carlos’ brain on how to do stuff in Corona (it was their first time using it!).

Edgar Miranda and Carlos Icaza in the war room at Start Up Camp GDC.


By the next day, they already had an on-device demo ready to go for their game — a rudimentary Lemmings type game with touch-based controls, dubbed RolyPoly.

Roly Poly

At last, on Sunday night, it was time for the three teams to present.  Now, remember how I said two of those teams (including the Mirandas) used Corona to build their games? Well, it turns out the third, non-Corona didn’t even manage to get a working demo together over the course of the weekend, and so they were unable to present (no, really!).

The Mirandas easily took first prize (an iPad + $500 + free year of Corona from us, free startup incubation courses from Semantic Seed)  and the other team took second. Specifically, the judges lauded both teams’ “monetizability” due to the almost instantaneous development time of their games and the turn-around times that their hypothetical startups subsequently would have.

After experiencing a weekend of Corona-fueled productivity, the Miranda Brothers — previously Flash developers — declared themselves new Corona convertees, and plan on finishing their game and releasing it in the very near future. Niiiiice!

The Miranda Bros. with Carlos Icaza after their Start Up Camp GDC win.

So, think we should do this again?

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5 Responses to “Recap: The Miranda Bros. conquer Start Up Camp with Corona SDK”

  1. Carlos Icaza

    Great to see everyone at the camp working really hard on their games, especially the teams using Corona. It was great. The Miranda brothers had their app with two levels, and the second place team (Team Ninja) with two games with their LBS app and Tropos SMS interface, was great to see as well.

    The other team, using traditional development tools, were a no-show.


  2. Noah

    Would love to see a NYC event sometime. Come on over to the East Coast for a change!

  3. Andre Jones

    That is awesome! I friend of mine told me about Corona and in 1 month I was up and running. I crashed and burn a couple times, because I more of a designer than a programmer, but the LUA language and the Corona API’s are so straight forward most people with passion and drive could easily use it to make ground breaking games, apps, etc.

    Thanks guys… this is a true inspiration. I hope to post my game soon. Let’s keep Corona going. @Carlos Raleigh/Charlotte, NC would be a nice place to visit. Hint Hint!


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