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We’ve always had lots of people asking us for tips on using Corona SDK (of course, we’ve always been more than happy to provide them!). ┬áSince the release of Corona on Windows, we’ve naturally had more people asking for help on that.

Now, we have something for ya, thanks to our in-house Windows wiz Tom. A very comprehensive “Getting Started” guide catering to our Windows users:

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3 Responses to “Tutorial: Getting started with Corona SDK on Windows”

  1. tsawan


    Even after I login on your website, I can’t post a topic/reply in the forums. Is that option only for paid subscribers?


  2. Arash Jalalian


    Thank you for the great support you are providing.

    When I tried to install the helloWord app (the one you provided in the Corona examples) on my android device from windows , ‘adb’ came up with the following error:

    >adb install HelloWorld.apk

    4724 KB/s (4393057 bytes in 0.908s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/HelloWorld.apk

    I have built the application with the trial version of Corona and I used the ‘androiddebugkey’ as my Key Alias (default settings). Could you please give me some advises to fix this problem?


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