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Less than two weeks ago, we told you about our Code Exchange where we post the latest, and most coolest Corona sample code known to mankind.

Now, we make another addition to the esteemed halls of the Code Exchange.
Behold: The almighty Samurai Fruit!

Check out this and a bunch more sample codeĀ here — ya might wanna bookmark that page too! ;-)

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6 Responses to “Behold… The ‘Samurai Fruit’ sample code!”

  1. Seth Gholson

    Hmm… I’ve always considered the hardest part of creating this type of game to be honoring the actual slices made by the gesture. It looks like these fruits are always being cut the same way, no?

  2. carlos m. icaza

    There is heuristics in the code to make it slice the right way, but is a demo. Also, the code is open source, so feel free to implement your own method and share it with us.


  3. anil

    cant seem to find the sample code anywhere…
    please direct correctly to the location.


  4. Hassaan

    I am unable to find the code on internet… Can someone tell me where to find it???

  5. Chase

    Sample code please (or at least an explanation of why it was removed from github and the Corona Code Exchange). Thank you.


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