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Corona has always had a reputation of working especially well for Flash developers and ActionScript aficionados. So much so that we have a little mini-culture brewing in the Corona Community of just Flash/ActionScript people talking to us about their particular inquiries and what-not.

So, we decided to give all of you Flash/ActionScript folk your very own sub-forum in our Corona SDK Developer Portal! Here, you’ll be able to easily access info and answers to questions that you may have, without any outside noise getting in the way.

The new Flash/ActionScript sub-forum is brand new and ready for you to sow, tabula rasa-style!
Click the screenshot below to get started right away… :-)

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3 Responses to “New Flash/ActionScript sub-forum”

  1. anonFlashDev

    I would love to join in and comment, but only for paying subscribers :(

    I can’t contribute to the community unless I pay to give feedback and share ideas/code. Seems counterproductive, no?


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