We gave you a preview the other day, and now—as of Daily Build 553—subscribers can now take advantage of the new “widget” library (beta), which is part of the next generation Corona UI implementation.

Once you grab the latest build, the new “WidgetDemo” can be found in:

And when you’re ready to dive in, go view the Widget Documentation to get started.

Remember, only subscribers can take advantage of the latest and greatest being pushed through the Corona SDK Daily Builds…

So what are you waiting for? Become a subscriber today.

  1. I can’t create a picker with custom columns:

    myPicker = widget.newPickerWheel({column1=pickerColumn1, column2=pickerColumn2 })

    pickerColumn1= { data = {“item1″,”item2″}, width=200}
    pickerColumn2 = {data = {“data1″,”data2″}, width=100}

    What am I missing?


  2. I added widgets_ios with only the uiSlider folder to a project to obtain the slider control. I had my screens working using your newRetinaText() function for all my game’s labels. After I add the widget_ios folder, my labels blow up to 2x size after any screen change (through director) when I use the simulator to view as iPhone4. Views as iPhone or iPad still work okay.

    This problem showed up earlier on all simulator views when I was using the crawlspaceLib highjacked display.newText() function, so I switched to using your newRetinaText(), and I thought this fixed the problem because I only tested the iPhone and iPad views. Today I tried the iPhone4 view and see that the problem is still there.

    Any ideas?

  3. Jonathan Beebe says:

    @Bruce: When you require “widget”, there’s a built-in patch to display.newText that handles retina-enabled text (because many of the widgets use text), so try removing the newRetinaText() whenever you are using any of the new widgets.

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