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On top of all that, I want to repeat how grateful we are by your support and trust in Corona.

This past week, we crossed the 19,000,000 download mark of Corona-based apps and games. Not only that, but we also had two #1 apps on the Android Market — one under the “Top Free Games” (Blast Monkeys), and another in the “Casual Games” section (Zoo Club).

'Virtual Bacterial ID Lab,' created by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

And that’s still not it — what do you think of Doritos about using Corona for their iOS/Android game called Dip Desperado? That pretty much is telling me and everybody watching us that Corona is fast becoming an industry standard for 2D mobile games. ¬†I can only imagine what’s in store for us as far as Corona usage from big-name studios… Heck, talking about big names, how about the Howard Hughes Medical Institute publishing two apps with Corona? (you know which Howard Hughes that is, right? Mr. Spruce Goosethat Howard)

And, we (including all of you, our users) continue to dominate across the mobile marketplaces — the NOOK, Apple, Amazon and Google app stores. All of this is the result of your relentless commitment to be part of the new entrepreneurial spirit of app creation and your trust in our Corona SDK.

I receive hundreds of e-mails from users all around the world about how they happened to stumble across Corona after days/weeks/months of frustration with either Objective-C or Java. But then, in a matter of hours with Corona, they can have a sample app, prototype, or even a mini-game complete and ready to install onto a devices and share with their families, kids, and colleagues.

While all of you explore what you can do with Corona, some of you (our subscribers) push us to implement the certain set of features, and we usually do listen. Stating with the next version of Corona, after we take a respite from the crazy shipping mode we are in, we will be back and tally up the features on our Roadmap page and come up with a new schedule to satisfy the most discerning of you –and you know who you are! ;-)

Not long ago, I tweeted what it felt like to work with my team members here at Ansca. Well, today I will share a link to the video I tweeted again. What’s it like to work at Ansca? It’s like working with the best of the best — and all of it is owed to your great support, feedback, and trust.

Get ready for August 2!