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Calling all developers with an app in the Showcase!

If you haven’t noticed, the app profile page for individual apps in the Showcase has been redesigned. You can now update your app’s profile page to include a video demo/review, screenshots, price, and version number.

Just edit your exiting app profile or create a new app profile and fill out the new fields (you’ll need to upload screenshots of your app and put in the URL of a YouTube video).

When updated, the app profile page will have a nice gallery viewer that looks like this:

You can see a live example here. :-)

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7 Responses to “New App Profile Features”

  1. Michael Lerner

    I just updated the page for Tiny Tanks, but when I navigate to the page, I get a popup saying “Please, fill in width & height for all your images!”. I don’t see anywhere to specify the width/height of the images… help :)

  2. yuewah

    I cannot find my game (Shoot the Block) in Showcase, I uploaded several months ago.


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