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Mobile developers are no strangers to the term social gaming. Yes, the old gaming tradition of squaring off against and/or alongside your friends hasn’t faded one bit, from the days of gathering ’round the TV to today’s collectively interconnected mobile arenas.

And our latest App of the Week dives headfirst into that arena. Feast your collective eyes on Shovel Heroes!

Shovel Heroes is one of the more (if not most!) ambitious games we’ve seen built with Corona. Aside from its impeccable artwork and intuitive, RPG-esque gameplay, it’s also got potential to become something of the next FarmVille. You see, Shovel Heroes is more than just an island treasure-hunting game — it’s also a “freemium” type game where you can get ahead by purchasing (like, with actual money!) in-game items like tools, and power-ups.

And not only that, but you can also invite your friends to come along and join you in creating their own mini-island empires. As you dig up more stars, bottle caps, and treasure, you can trade them in for goodies to decorate your home island. The gameplay also has a great trajectory about it, enabling you to unlock new island levels and challenges as you gain “experience” points from playing and exploring.

Though I didn’t have sufficient time to build up my Shovel Heroes in-game pocketbook to anything even close to impressive, I can safely say this game will stay on lots of people’s iPhones (and Android too!) for a while to come. With its ever-evolving gameplay and potential for growth via future updates from Russian-based creators Progrestar, this is the epitome of a scalable “freemium” game in both design and execution.

Go get it in the App Store now, and you’ll see exactly what I mean! :-)

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