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It gives me great pleasure to announce that Reiko Yoshidome has joined the ever-growing Corona SDK team. She comes to us via Adobe.

Reiko used to work with me and Walter during our Illustrator days. She was the QE (quality engineer!) for the Illustrator team and from versions 9 through CS2. Aside from Illustrator, she was also QE on the SVG team and the Photoshop Album team as well.

She joins us to help manage our increasing demanding support/sales and program management infrastructure. I’m sure you all will soon meet her via e-mails in the days to come as she settles into her new home here, at Ansca Mobile.

When Reiko is not working she likes baking, western calligraphy, and spending time with her 6-year-old daughter — sometimes all three at the same time! :-)

Welcome Reiko!

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  1. Joe

    Great news, welcome. So I hope — like many others — we will soon see some vector graphic API enhancements. Lines, rectangles and circles (not ellipses!) are insufficient. Clipping and filled paths are also common functions in any graphic API today. ;-)


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