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Scott is a junior at Stanford University studying Product Design. He spent the last summer doing research on photovoltaic cells and looks forward to creating cool new things at Ansca. He loves music, especially jazz, and plays both piano and saxophone. Scott enjoys being a part of the Stanford band and also does photography and martial arts in his free time.

Abie Katz (pronounced like “A-B”) is a summer associate at Merus Capital. His main responsibility is assisting Merus Capital’s portfolio companies. He is passionate about startups and innovation. He formerly worked as a market strategist and biz dev guy at OpenCandy, a Google Ventures backed online advertising startup. Abie attended Claremont McKenna College for a year before taking a leave of absence to work in the world of startups.

Both team members are hard at work and already contributing to the success of Corona SDK.

Welcome Scott and Abie!

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  1. J. A. Whye

    I’m jealous, but congratulations, Scott and Abie! You’re working with a team & product that has so much potential it’s not even funny. Looking forward to making use of your contributions in my own business!



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