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15 Responses to “Action-packed release!”

  1. Jcfinnerup

    Its amazing as you read through the text, the whole thing just gets more exciting. Can’t wait to try launchPad, which is probably gonna end up being one of the best things about corona SDK, cause afterall lots of SDKs can make great apps but few have even a decent way to monotize it’s success.

    - jcfinnerup

  2. Joe

    Great work! Awesome stuff. Our team is still in prototyping — evaluating whether corona fits the requirements of our huge project (or if we have to implement our new ‘product’ natively). Developing with corona is really efficient, productive, more than any other SDK/programming language. And the results are ‘speedy’ and eye-candy. That’s for sure and proven. I really don’t want to switch back to objective-c and such… but corona is still missing graphic functionality: 2.5D transitions, e.g. flipping an image around, causing shadows programmatically… things I — in the meanwhile — can do on the web with CSS3.

  3. Javier Rincon


    Congratulations, you have made my day, and it’s just starting up!, many thanks for all the effort, i hope we can get all things going up quickly and get all the new features in our software fast.

    See ya i have to change some code!

  4. Nick Nebelsky

    Congratulations Carlos! It’s very exciting to be a part of something so grand! I love Corona and look forward to a long-lasting and successful relationship! Cheers! ‘Opening Rome’ and all my future endeavors wouldn’t be where it is without your great software!


    Hi Carlos and the Corona team.

    As a developer one of the most important things is to feel the support of the company that provides the tools, but in the case of Corona we feel more supported, I feel you are trying to help us a lot of small developers who try to start our own company’s. That is very encouraging and I appreciate the effort you are making, many companies think about the economic but anscamobile also think on people and I think that is a great virtue of business. Keep up many successes. Leonardo Aguilar. Costa Rica

  6. MikeJ

    Yep, definitely lived up to the hype! I love the analytics feature, that is invaluable. Will that be automatically built in as our apps are compiled or is there an api for that? I have to agree with some of the previous comments, I have rarely seen a company support the developers as much as you guys do. The others talk about community but rarely live up to it (I know this because I have spent thousands with those guys only to leave because of the lack of community). It almost seems like a family with Carlos as the Papa. When a co-founder will get on a chat and joke around and help their customers that’s a company that you want to support. Just don’t get too big, go public and forget about us. ;) In times when it seems like the main initiative of global companies is based on money and greed, you guys set an example.

  7. Mo

    Hello Carlos

    WOW! This really pushed him over the edge. As soon as I get a Mac Mini the next thing will be to subscribe! App disovery is huge for me. Even more than any API. What is the point of having a a great app is nobody knows about it!

    In any event this is a great new! The next BIG next thing for small developers like us need is help with original/cheap/legal assets (images, sounds and music). I know there are a lot of “free” stuff out there but making sense of licenses and so on is a nightmare for a develloper who only want to code with the great Corona SDK. What it will be great is setup some type of assets market. I think Unity has one. Why not us? A lot of time is wasted looking for assets insteading of coding….

    In any event, Congrats Carlos and your team!


  8. Ed Johnson

    Congratulation and way to go, Walter and Corona team!

    What an Action-Packed release!

    Those new Corona LaunchPad, Marketing/App Discovery/Analytics, App Monetization are making Corona SDK simply irresistible!

  9. ymmt

    Hello Walter&Carlos Corona Team

    Congratulations! That’s awesome. You make the Summer 2011 more exciting than ever.


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