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Last week, I said I was on a retro binge with games like Bloo Kid and ChocoRun. This week, I think the word games have pulled me back!

I know, I know… We’ve already had a word game featured here as our App of the Month, but that shouldn’t automatically disqualify all future word games from being in the running. Especially if one of those games is Dabble!

Like its rhyming counterpart, Dabble is a word game that has now gone from the game board to the mobile platform. And much like our previous word game winner Word Ball, it has its own unique spin that gives it the potential to become another staple for game players anywhere, whether on a smartphone or a coffee table. Yeah, classic game design can go a long ways!

However, Dabble’s classic design isn’t some longtime family favorite — in fact, it’s actually only been out for a couple months as a board game created by 84-year-old Brooklyn inventor George Weiss (see his story in the video below). Each Dabble game lasts only five minutes, an ingenious design which makes it easy to go head-to-head as a quick time-killer, or battle it out in long multi-round Dabble marathons.

Dabble was brought to stores by a company called Ideas Never Implemented to considerable praise and awards. And now, developers Joe Flowers (Flashy Substance) and Nitin Malhotra ( have brought it to the iPhone and (soon!) iPad.

Go get Dabble at the App Store and — if you like it enough — your local Barnes & Noble! :-)

Many congrats to Mr. Weiss! We truly are honored to be a part of his journey. *salutes*

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  1. John Tran

    Awesome, looks like fun classic board game made to go mobile! Word games are really taking notice…Congrats to the Dabble team!


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