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Our latest App of the Week is the classically designed Dabble word game.

Dabble was invented as a board game by 84-year-old George Weiss of Brooklyn. It was then picked up and brought to store shelves by the ironically named Ideas Never Implemented, and finally was brought to the iPhone (and soon to be iPad!) by indie developers Flashy Substance and using our very own Corona SDK! :-D

Below, Joe Flowers of Flashy Substance talks about how he decided to use Corona to bring Mr. Weiss’ dream to the mobile platform. Afterward, you can hear some thoughts directly from Mr. Weiss about the game itself.

Joe Flowers, Flashy Substance

We’d been developing online games for years, and for several months we had been exploring using either Flash or native Objective-C to build our first mobile game.  Given our Flash backgrounds, we figured it’d be a breeze to build our first mobile app with their re-approved iPhone publishing functionality, but after several tries we were still unhappy with the performance we were seeing.

We then tried Objective-C because we both have hardcore programming backgrounds. We thought, “How hard could this be?”  We soon discovered it can be really hard!  At that point, we gave up and put our mobile aspirations aside.

Several weeks later, we came across two great stories: the first was Dabble, an awesome word game that we fell in love with that was created by an 84-year old-inventor, whose story we also fell in love with.  Right around that time we also caught wind of the Bubble Ball story, so we decided to research Corona.

A lot of people have an “AHA!” moment with Corona — and ours was when we we played with the Ghosts vs. Monsters demo and realized that you could accomplish so much with so little code.  At that point, it became obvious that Corona was the tool for us.  We were thrilled to have a playable prototype of Dabble within eight hours of development!  (editor’s note: WHAAAT?????)

Dabble is another inspirational story that shows how Corona is liberating all sorts of people to follow their passions and not let technology stand in their way.  We’re super excited to be part of helping George realize his vision with Dabble and we’re very grateful to Ansca Mobile for making Corona so simple and yet so powerful. Thanks a lot, guys! :-)

Thanks for the kind words, Joe! We truly are honored to be a part of the Dabble journey.

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5 Responses to “Guest Post: How ‘Dabbling’ with Corona SDK brought a dream to life”

  1. Jerome82

    I love the “within 8 hours” portion of this story. I don’t think it’s that unusual to have that kind of experience personally. Yesterday I was going to attend my R/C Club meeting which happens once a month. I had written a simple app to help promote the club locally here in Colorado and I was asked to come demonstrate it for members. An hour before I had to leave for the meeting, I wanted to try and whip out another app that I’ve been meaning to attempt for about 8 months. So with a self-imposed hour deadline, I thought I’d give it a try… and I started a new app. In 68 minutes I had a functioning app though not complete, it had a basic functionality I was hoping I could demonstrate at the meeting – and I was able to build it and upload it to my devices and take it with me within 68 minutes of copying the Director class into this new app directory. Corona opens up ALL SORTS of potential and it has literally changed my life. (not trying to sound melodramatic) I’m an iOS guy, but most of the guys at the meeting are Droid folks – so I’m going to have to expand my license into the Droid landscape… but that’s a “good thing” I figure. (Both apps were a big hit at the meeting by the way.)

  2. Travis

    Very cool and super inspiring story. Reading about stories and creations like this keep me plugging away at my app. Congrats on the release!


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