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It’s one thing to rehash an old classic, but it takes some true ingenuity to wrap it in a completely different motif and make it a totally new experience. Something entirely new that game players can become immersed in, like they do with most great games.

Even though this game would’ve been even greater and more immersive if it was released back on the July 4, we still think it’s pretty cool. Load up your muskets and set out with The Patriots!

The Patriots casts you in the role of a gunner guarding the U.S. Capitol from re-invading Red Coats in post-colonial America. The British troops will march on you in increasingly greater numbers and complex patterns, and it’s your job to keep them at bay with your cannon and endless supply of ammo.

In other words, it’s Galaga crossed with the Revolutionary War!

Of course, like I stated above, Patriots puts a completely different spin on its Galaga shell by incorporating incredible graphics and animations to make the game feel more “2011.” The sound is cinematic, and the impact of each shot is quite a bit more satisfying than the old 8-bit blips and beeps. Creators Deadmans Productions also make use of the Corona plug-in Particle Candy for some impressive, explosive effects — both figuratively and literally!

As for the gameplay itself, I must say it requires quite a bit more strategy than the standard arcade shooters of yesteryear. As you scale each level and the difficulty increases, you’re forced to make crucial decisions on battling the onslaught of Red Coats with different weapons and tactical positions. Personally, I found the incendiary Franklin Grenade (see demo video below) to be perfect for taking out those Bloody Backs! :-D

Congrats to the Deadmans team on a job well done with Patriots. Be sure to read their awesome guest post from last week detailing how they made such a great game. (cross-platform too!)

The Patriots US and UK editions are now available in the App Store and Android Market, based on your location. If you’re feeling a little like Benedict Arnold and wanna play the UK edition in the U.S., you have to enter the “secret code” devised by the Deadmans team.

I hope this doesn’t start any rivalries between Corona users across the pond! ;-)

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