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Check this out! For this Saturday’s #CoronaHackathon, we’ve also managed to track down where all of our virtual attendees willing be logging in from worldwide.

Yes, it looks like this will be a global battle for Corona supremacy. If you see your locale highlighted on the map below, feel free to give a shout-out in the comments section to your fellow #CoronaHackathon competitors! :-)

Also, be sure to follow our #CoronaHackathon forum thread for the latest details on how things will work this weekend. And lastly, we still have a few extra tickets left for those of you who wanna jump on at the last minute!

See you all this weekend!

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10 Responses to “This weekend’s #CoronaHackathon will be GLOBAL!”

  1. Dave

    The lack of a theme (“develop anything you want” is not a theme) changes this entirely. I expect that many teams will be using code, assets and ideas that they’ve worked on for weeks or months rather than going from 0 to submission in the 12 1/2 hour period. The challenge of doing that was what I found appealing.

  2. carlos m. icaza

    @dave – doubtful. you think we wouldn’t know? done this a gazillion times and its easy to spot. ;-)

    Don’t under-estimate the power of the code. Also, there are a few surprises afoot so don’t despair.


  3. H4ch1

    It’s a pity, noticed this when all the virtual hacker ticket were gone (: But I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun just watching you guys :D

  4. Punya Huxter

    Hello out there fellow Aussie Corona devs! I’ll be sitting this one out but I guess the rest of you guys are gonna be in for a long night. Get some sleep and have fun!

  5. Willem

    Greetings from The Netherlands. When I look at the map I can see that I’m not the only attending Corona user from The Netherlands. I wonder who it is…

  6. Steven Cooper

    Thanks for a great hackathon guys, even though we got stuck and didnt finish we are still going to finish our app off (we got it most of the way)

    @Cairo good to see another Melbournite in the Hackathon :)


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