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Walter and Jon Beebe giving a crash course on Corona SDK to #CoronaHackathon newbies.

Team Ansca (Alix is on the far left) is patrolling the #CoronaHackathon, helping participants with any problems that arise.

A must-have for any hackathon -- giant tables!

This guy definitely is up to no good!

Teamwork trumps all!

This team of three preferred a couch over a giant table.


@FullyCroisened taking a game from retro (1970's) to mobile (2010's).

@TylerMakesGames and buddy Will (not @WillMakesGamesToo) of Phoenix, Arizona show off their progress on iPad.

Norway's @Monkeybin sent us this 3D panorama of their office during #CoronaHackathon.

Beanbag enthusiast Craig Janis (@CJanis) looking like a stock photo at home in Provo, Utah during #CoronaHackathon.

And here’s some on-site footage shot by Greg of InMobi

All in all, it was a killer time! Winners post coming tomorrow (Monday) morning… :-)

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  1. kk

    Will it be upload the crash course provided by Walter and Jon Beebe in CoronaHackathon.
    I’m also a newbie too but I can’t join this time.


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