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So, you think this week’s App of the Week would showcase a winner from this past weekend’s #CoronaHackathon, right? Unfortunately, no. Technically speaking, none of those apps have been built to the App Store or Android Market (yet!) — but I’ll still talk about them in a future blogpost. ;-)

This week, you need to check out Magic Defenders.

Much like last week’s winner, The Patriots, Magic Defenders is another game tasking you with defeating an escalating wall of forward-marching enemies. In this scenario, you’re a wizard protecting your village from an onslaught of invading Orcs. At first, it’s easy blasting to blast them with your magic attacks but, as their numbers increase, so must your quick-thinking as you group together different magical powers to better combat the advancing goons.

One look at Magic Defenders, and you can see why it stood out to us. Its artwork is beautiful, and animation is top-notch. Considering that this is a game with constant movement — whether its your magic attacks shooting across the screen or the Orcs marching onward — the visuals are programmed very well (is that Particle Candy, or no?), as I never once had any lags or choppiness while wasting an entire screen full of enemies. As for the gameplay, it’s simple to pick up but a real challenge to fully master. And doing so will require some time on your part, which speaks to the game’s longevity.

Big congrats to the humbly named Clueless Ideas studio on their creation.
You can check out Magic Defenders now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad (even better!).

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