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We’ve long heard complaints about this, but now…

Awesome, huh?

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4 Responses to “Friday Night Forum: “We don’t need no fragmentation””

  1. Jason

    HTC Desire – a new phone just a couple years old will not be getting the upgrade to 2.3
    Fragmentation will still occur

  2. J. A. Whye

    I have a *hard* time caring about Android development. I hate to think it’s because I’m a fanboi — I think it’s more that I want to focus on my games and NOT the housekeeping duties needed to get them out the door. By going with iOS only I have fewer non-creative tasks to perform.

    On the other hand, if an Android “platform” jumps to the front of the pack I could see myself developing for that and not worrying about the “others.” If the app happened to work on other Android devices, cool, but I’d just be focusing on the one device.


  3. Graham Ranson

    Until Google can somehow go around carriers and device manufacturers with their long delays with updates there will still be fragmentation sadly.

    I have a non-carrier HTC Sensation which takes out one step of the delays but I still have to wait for HTC to update Sense. As soon as the next Nexus phone with ICS reaches the UK I will be getting it to hopefully skip the second delay as well.

    I’m hoping Google will start using the recently acquired Motorola Mobility to develop phones in house and help remove the delay for lots of different devices in the future.

  4. Ricardo Gra├ža

    Actually I never had any problems with fragmentation on Android, probably because corona makes the process of supporting multiple platforms a breeze. Supporting Android devices is no different from supporting iPad and iPhone if you do things right.


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