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For example, I used Flash as my level editor.  I organized a scene, and then wrote an ActionScript algorithm that would loop over the objects and print log statements formatted as Lua tables.  Then, I would copy-paste it into the source code of my Corona project, so the game knew where to place objects.  I did this for placing props like snowmen, rocks, and nodes to define the paths (the purple and blue dots).

For a simple 2D game, a custom-built level editor is basically unnecessary.  I highly recommend that developers consider using Flash in combination with Corona.  Both technologies are worth leveraging to develop mobile games.

Have I mentioned Spriteloq?  It is a wonderful tool to package frames of a Flash SWF file into a sprite sheet for Corona.

Of course, I used Spriteloq for all my art assets, but specifically I took advantage of it by building a sprite sheet of text characters that have bubbly ink outlines.  Each frame of the MovieClip had a different character.  Corona does support custom fonts, but I decided to go with a custom approach, so I could later add shadows and highlights.  Using Spriteloq was a breeze.

I was really impressed with Corona’s great documentation, and found the technology difficult to misuse.  It feels very lightweight, but only because all the technical work is done under the hood.  I was able to concentrate on my game, and get it done as quickly as possible. I did experience one technical issue, but it was resolved  with very prompt support by a staff member on the forums.

If you are a Flash developer, I definitely recommend that you give Corona a try!

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3 Responses to “Guest Post: How Flash runs on Corona SDK”

  1. DW

    To achieve the Tower Defense style game, did you use Transition To or did you you use the A* algorithm that was discussed in a previous blog post?

  2. Elliot

    DW: The levels in my tower-defense game are predetermined paths, so I chose just to use transitions from one node to another. If a level has multiple paths, then that is predetermined as well. The purple and blue dots in the screenshot above are labeled appropriately to represent a sequence.


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