NOTE: This tutorial is outdated and has been replaced by the Native UI Objects guide. Please refer to this guide for details and usage examples.
  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Using build 640 I can use web popups, but Facebook Demo still says “WARNING: Facebook Connect is not supported in the simulator. Please build for device.”

    Is that expected?

    • Jonathan Beebe says:

      Hi Joe, try demoing a different Sample App, because in order for the Facebook Sample to work, you have to register a Facebook app and get an API key/secret. That’s where that WARNING message is coming from.

  2. After all the hard work that went into getting the native UI elements working in the Corona Simulator I’m sorry to say that the native.newTextField() works very differently in the Corona Simulator than it does in the Xcode Simulator and on the actual devices. Here is a video demonstrating the difference. Left side is Corona Simulator, right side is Xcode Simulator, both build with Build 641.

  3. @Dan,

    The Native UI objects in the Mac simulator are similar to what you see on the device but do not act entirely like they do on the device. The main difference is content scaling. You can see that on native text fields and webpopup. This is because the objects used to create these native elements act differently on the Mac. Because of this, the Mac simulator will never act exactly the same for native objects as they do on an actual device or the Xcode simulator.

    The main advantage of now having the native objects displayed in the simulator is the ability to properly place native objects on the screen and to be able to accept keyboard input. Just be aware that the content of the Native Object may not exactly match (or behave) like they do on the device.

  4. instead of NativeUI.TextField, you guys could make a CoronaUI.TextField so anyone could make a TextField based on custom images and still see then on the simulator.

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