NOTE: This tutorial is outdated. Please refer to the documentation for the full list of current APIs.
  1. Thanks Jonathan, thanks ansca for the new apis,
    talking about the native.setProperty, is there any news about server based push notifications?

  2. I keep looking in here, “kicking the tyres”. Until Corona is able to link to native Obj-C code (I use specialist geographic code) and can generate an app locally (I don’t want “cloud compiling”, and my clients do not allow it) then I can’t commit to it. Those are just my own limitations of course, I know it’s a well respected tool and I appreciate what it can provide for other devs.

    The reason I keep coming back to look at where Corona is right now, is that I think Corona could provide me with a tool to quickly make compelling interfaces for business/scientific apps when/if those previously stated factors no longer apply. I know Corona’s focus is on games, so maybe my expectations are wrong.

    Anyway, always a pleasure to read of progress with Corona!

  3. Very nice.
    But what’s about applicationSupportsShakeToEdit?
    Are there any docs about what it does and how it can be useful?

    THanks in advance,

  4. Got an email response to my display issues with the latest builds from Carlos (Corona co-founder) today. Turns out it is an OpenGL driver issue that Ansca is working on. Until they have a fix, I am back to build 591.

    Thanks, Carlos, for the support.

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