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Last week, our very own Walter visited the Empire State!
While there, he took part in two meetups: One in Rochester, NY and another in New York City with the Flash Coders NY (FCNY) group.

Below, you can see a full video of Walter in the lion’s den, giving his presentation of Corona SDK while being grilled by the FCNY Flash faithful along the way! ;-)

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4 Responses to “Recap: Flash Coders NY meetup on Corona SDK”

  1. ES

    Really enjoyed the presentation and discussion. That British guy really grilled you guys. Any chance the Spriteloq promotion applies to people who couldn’t make it, but saw the presentation online?

  2. Ed Johnson

    Also enjoyed the presentation and discussion. It’s always good to listen on new or upcoming Android-releated news/rumors from audience. Please keep up recording and sharing such presentations.

  3. Alex

    Just to remind Walter that Kwik is not a Photoshop to Corona layer positioning but a complete IDE from full applications. I developed both Photoshop and Fireworks to Corona Exporter (as well as Kwik) and they are simple scripts for element positioning only. In the other side, Kwik enables designers and illustrators to create full apps (audio, video, interactivity, animation, etc) directly from PSD layers.


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