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A couple weeks ago, Walter went to a couple Corona meetups in New York, talking to developers and even taking some hard-hitting questions along the way.

Now, Carlos is heading a little further south along the East Coast and will be attending three meetups in Florida next month! We’ll have further details (venues, etc.) as the dates draw nearer, but here are Carlos’ stops so far…


  • December 19 @ Tampa,
    Wyndham Hotel
    King Palm Room.
    From  7:00-9:00pm

  • December 20 @ Orlando
    IDEAS Orlando
    From  5:00pm-7:00pm

  • December 21 @ Miami (RSVP here)
    Map (address sign on the building says “900”)
    “Running a Lean Startup: From zero to funding, then what?

…Feels kinda like seeing tour dates for your favorite rock band, eh? ;-)

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32 Responses to “Corona SDK meetups in Florida! *Locations and Hours Updated*”

  1. Alex

    Drop me a line via email with logistics and I will do my best to attend. By the way, are you coming to Pub App Expo in NY?

  2. Daniel Swanson

    I want to attend the Tampa event. I’m 20 miles west in Clearwater. Need any help?

  3. Kiffin Ayers

    This is exciting! I’m in Gainesville and hoping to get to the Orlando or Tampa event. Just getting into Corona and App dev, and delighted with the ethos in the Ansca community.


  4. Marty B

    >> …Feels kinda like seeing tour dates for your favorite rock band, eh?

    I hope the T-shirts aren’t so expensive this time! Looking forward to meeting that rock star, Carlos.

  5. Loreen Leedy

    I’d like to see both Carlos and Alex in Orlando, and will spread the word. I know of at least 3 other artists that will be interested (tho the pre-holiday time is hectic.)

  6. Shawn

    Wow, someone is actually coming to Orlando! I always have to drive far or fly to go to these things, so this will be nice. Thanks!

  7. Larry Meadows

    I think I’ll have to attend as well, I have Pro Developer copy and I also use Kwik, so this could be a double header for me LOL.

    Any ideas on a locations as of yet?

    Larry Meadows

  8. Gerald Bailey

    While I’m still learning to use Corona (and still quite a noob!), I’m really becoming quite the evangelist here in Austin, TX. I’d love to get a meetup together here, if there are any other Corona developers here. Anyone interested??

    p.s. Feel free to send me a T-Shirt too! :-)

  9. Eric Akbar

    I’m also in SW FL to visit my parents over the holidays and will try to make it to the Orlando meet.

  10. Alex

    If you are coming, please invite a friend designer or illustrator, I will be featuring Kwik plugin for Photoshop, which creates Corona full apps directly from Photoshop.

  11. Camillo Scarcella

    I am still a trial user and would like to attend the Tampa meet up. Is the event open to trial users as well as subscribers? Is there a fee?

    Thank you

  12. TheRealTonyK

    Very cool. My daughter and I will be attending Tampa. Looking forward to doing one of these for play and not work (so to speak) :)


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