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Carlos Icaza, Ansca Mobile

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to tell you about our latest doings here, at Ansca, in regards to Corona SDK.

I started writing this blog post and got carried away from looking at what we, as a team (you and us!), have accomplished in just a year, and then I began to ponder what the new year will bring. Soon enough, I realized I was going off a tangent when the real focus should be on what’s next with Corona.

So what is next?

Simple. We are going to add the features that have been brought up by many of you for quite sometime now, and we are going to strictly focus on the features that have been “missing” and plaguing us for a while now. They are, in no particular order:

  • Android in-app purchases
  • Game Center without OpenFeint
  • iOS Mail with attachments and without leaving the app.
  • Map view on Android
  • Push notifications (remote) for iOS
  • URLSchema for iPhone
  • Intents for Android
  • WebPopup redux
  • More social gaming features
  • Twitter integration for iOS5
  • Messages/SMS in app for iOS
  • Graphics engine improvements
  • Debugger enhancements

These are some of the first and foremost important features that we will focus on immediately. Some of them will end up on iOS first, and then Android if the feature is available — or vice-versa.

We’ll also be adding some other stuff that we have on our list, but I’m purposefully leaving that out because — after tallying all the requests — the aforementioned are the priority features which we will work on first. Rest assured we will get them out to you on a Daily Build starting in a few days as we prep our code repository for several branches we are working on.

We will continue to fix bugs, revise the list as we move forward, and continue to build upon Corona SDK to become the de-facto publishing choice for cross-platform development.

In the meantime, enjoy the new build, look for new features to start creeping up, and I’ll continue to look forward to your apps and games on a daily basis.

I know there are other issues and features and what-not that are not on the list. Well, once we implement most of the features here, we’ll probably have to follow up with another ‘State of the Corona’ address. ;-)

And don’t forget that this is software and it comes with its own set of nuances (or maybe “nuisances?”), especially when it comes to keeping things cross-platform. The list here is an unordered list, and implementation details will dictate which features go in first, second, last, etc.

Nevertheless, it’s going to be one heckuva 2012…



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58 Responses to “‘State of the Corona’ Address”

  1. Nicholas G

    Sweet. The twitter integration will be really cool!

    Along with all of those other things, which are of course FTW, but not as much as Twitter FTW.


  2. John Tran

    Wow…Thanks for the update!

    Does GameCenter (without OpenFeint) mean that it will include multiplayer capabilities?

    – John

  3. Fully Croisened

    This is why Corona SDK is my primary weapon of choice for cross platform mobile development, game or business app! Ansca listens, cares about our success and delivers…OFTEN!

    Great 2011, going to be an insane 2012!

  4. Alejandro Jimenez

    If 2012 isn’t the end of the world it’ll be an awesome coding year! hurry up so we can add everything new on our next game! hahaha ;-)

    Thank you for listening to us sooo much!!!

  5. OnTouch

    Fantastic !!!

    I’m glad to see GameCenter and remote push notifications in roadmap. Hope the graphic engine enhacements include shape control and shader options

    A lot of thanks, carlos.

  6. Erdener

    I’ve been waiting for this post and the list looks great… My list would be, in particular order.. :)

    Game Center without OpenFeint
    Graphics engine improvements
    iOS Mail with attachments and without leaving the app.
    Push notifications (remote) for iOS
    Android in-app purchases
    …and the rest…

    Btw, “Android in-app purchases” does that includes Amazon SDK?

  7. Alex

    I sincerelly hope page flip is in this list. There are dozens of storybooks made with Corona at this moment and the absence of a real page flip transition is affecting this audience (take the best storybook apps from the AppStore and ALL of them have page flip: Morris Lessmore, Charlie Brown Christmas, and the list goes on).

  8. Andriy Pertsov

    What about building for Mac OS X?
    No physics enchantments in the list, it’s a pity.

  9. Joseph DeSetto

    The top two on the list are truly the top two in need… OpenFeint is awful so direct GameCenter is long overdue. IAP for Android only makes sense.

    How about an actual IDE with animation timelines and a Library. You know, like that one app from the PDF company.

    Other wish list items… Publishing to HTML5, WinPhone, Windows 7 and the Mac App Store. I would like to see something comparable to AIR’s native extensions, as well.

    Congrats on another year of progress Carlos and Walter.

    – joe

  10. David97

    I hope the priority is:

    1) Game Center
    2) Graphics Improvements
    3) Debugger
    4) Oh, a new one… revisted documentation!!

  11. Dan

    How about implementing thr new turn-based API of Game Center. Corona needs more multi-player features.

  12. OnTouch

    I think expose all the Gamekit (GameCenter) in Corona SDK is a high priority. I dont know if multiplayer features will be released.

  13. Peter

    Do graphics improvements include revealing bitmap info so we can scan bar codes, qr codes, etc?

  14. kennwags

    Just to be clear, I *love* the list.

    It is a great and powerful list…
    I guess sorta like Oz was in the Wizard of, well, Oz.

    Code on Corona staff… I look forward to… all of it!!!
    Muuuuuuhahahahahaha. <— Mad Coronist Laugh

    (… Ermm, Alice in Wonderland kind of mad… not Iran about the US drone kind of mad…)

  15. Philipp Lenssen

    Very good focus, thanks. Especially looking forward to
    – Game Center
    – Graphics improvements
    – Notifications and Mail are great too.

    Will Android in-app purchasing work exactly the same way — i.e. require no Corona Lua code changes for us! — as it does for iOS? Now that would be extremely cool… to hide the implementation details and background services accessed behind a unified Corona, like it’s true for most of the other parts in Corona. That would be extremely cool.

  16. Jim

    Carlos, I really really really really hope graphics engines improvements includes shaders (I am not the only one see the other comment above)!

  17. Chris

    Intents on Android gives us push on Android. It gives us SMS on Android. It changes *everything* on android.

    For example, instead of doing a facebook handler, we can just push out the post to the OS for “sharing”.. letting the user pick the share handler.

  18. Robert

    Excellent list, though I’m hoping for Publish to HTML5 so I can reuse my business apps on OSX/Windows.

  19. Joshua Mitchell

    Everything looks good, but I really need to have in app video, so that you don’t have to jump to full screen video.

  20. Perry

    Remember the 3D teapot demo from a little while back? That would be a pretty awesome graphics engine improvement if Corona incorporated 3D!

    Also, please keep working on widgets!


  21. vanesa

    a need a help!!!
    estoy en argentina, tenemos un estudio de diseƱo, compramos el Corona, estamos usandolo e hicimos un comic para un cliente. necesitamos ayuda porque tenemos un problema con el tema de la perdida de memoria y no encontramos como resolverlo.
    Por favor si alguien puede ayudarnos le agradeceriamos nos escriban.
    desde ya mil gracias. vanesa

  22. Steve B

    I love this list too! Great stuff.

    Sure hoping that direct GameCenter support includes multi-player. That’s a critical next step to us. Thanks so much!

  23. open768

    I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far in the SDK. Just need to give myself more time to have a serious play. I’d love to see improvements in the collision engine to handle concave objects too, fast bitmap manipulation and procedural graphics.

  24. darkconsoles

    i want to see someday native particle system and physics body’s with account of transparent fields, so we wont get boxes for circle images)

  25. aads49

    These are nice additions and all, but what happened to the 2d transforms you guys were working on last December?

  26. mileni

    This all looks great, but better multiplayer and networking functions in Corona are long over due :(

  27. kisterson

    +1 for game center without OF… come on it’s been a year :) most of us would have be fired for promising something for over a year and not delivering… just saying. :)))

  28. physics motion the ball

    i am new corona sdk. now i am developing ball game and i set linear velocity to the ball does not travel slanding up rock why?
    please help slove the this problem…

  29. Rodrigo RSCdev

    Mr. Carlos,

    Sincerely thank you for this post. I’ve read it already but today I came again by “luck”. :-)

    Happy 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016…Long Life to Ansca Mobile – Corona SDK!

    PS: TY! Corona SDK has turned myself into an Developer, Yay! ;)



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