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Looking forward to seeing you there! :-)

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16 Responses to “Corona SDK meetup in Texas!”

  1. John Nagle

    Wow…soooo tempted…but Dallas is 3 hours away and worse, the venue is on the north side of Dallas. Still undecided…would love to go though!

  2. John Nagle

    Well, I’ll just say that Austin IS central Texas. Draw a line between Dallas and San Antonio, and another between Houston and El Paso…voila, there’s Austin.

    And Houston is NEVER nicer than Austin. ;-)

  3. Raul

    I’m coordinating a meetup with our local user groups (flash,php,coldfusion, etc) to have it done in Austin, TX last week of January 2012 (we need to spread the word to have more than 60 people ;)

    Carlos might be the one coming.

    Will post here around the first week of January when all has been signed and settled.

  4. John Nagle

    Gerald, Raul and I tried a while back, but yes, I’d definitely be up for trying again.

  5. Brian Burton

    I plan to be at the Dallas meetup on Thursday! It will be great to meet Walter. Will put the Austin meetup on my calendar as well. Looking forward to meeting ‘local’ mobile app developers.
    I had 16 students complete projects this semester with Corona. They loved using it!

  6. Raul

    Definitely will be great to have an Austin Corona SDK on meetup.
    Let’s touch based around first week of Jan (once I have everything ready for Ansca’s visit).


  7. Raul

    Well, the year just started and full of energy.

    I’m going to start making calls to some people; the main issue is getting more than 50+ attendees :/

    John, Gerald, let me know what y’all think about possibly meeting next week to make this meetup happen and bring someone from Ansca.



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