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Native webViews in Corona SDKComing to a Daily Build near you: two new API’s that will allow you to add brand-new native webViews and video objects to your project, and do some pretty crazy things with them as well.

Sure, you were able to display websites using web popups and full-screen video using existing API’s, but now you can move webViews and video objects, have multiple different instances of them up at once, or even add physics to them if that’s your thing. (I wasn’t kidding when I said crazy!)

The API’s will be called native.newWebView() and native.newVideo(), and they’ll be available in the next daily build, so subscribe now so you can take advantage of these amazing new features as soon as they’re ready.

And in the meantime, take a look at the “teaser” video posted by Walter a couple of days ago, and be sure to monitor the Daily Build page to see when these exciting new features become available:

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14 Responses to “Coming Soon: Native WebView and Video”

  1. Chris

    Actually have been talking about this today when this will be available!
    This year starts great. Pro Subscription is coming with my next income!

  2. Mo

    Indeed crazy stuff…and great stuff!

    Would that mean, we could use the newVideo() to start on our virtual reality apps?

    Thanks for always amazing us:)


  3. Andreas Kviby

    This is supernews! We just discussed how great it would be if we could have several instances of a webview on the same screen with Corona. I just love this kinds of surprices when I popup your blog once a day :)

  4. Joshua Mitchell

    This is what we needed for our current project, timing is about perfect.
    We started to look at other platforms, now we won’t need too.
    Not only did you delver the feature we needed, you expanded on it.

    Thanks guys, love what your doing.

  5. Adrian Eraldo

    Great news! I wanted to implement animations on my new game but I was hesitant to use the current video so this is awesome!
    Thanks for keeping up with us.


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