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You wouldn’t mind if we put up two┬átutorials for Tutorial Tuesday, would ya? ;-)

Below is a presentation given by coding extraordinaire Seb Lee-Delisle at the Update 2011 conference in the UK late last year. We were humbled when we saw that Seb chose Corona SDK as his weapon of choice for his demo.

Be sure to let Seb know what you think on Twitter at @seb_ly.
Thanks for the awesome demo, Seb! :-)

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12 Responses to “From zero to ‘Angry Birds’ in 30 minutes”

  1. Marc

    Great video :)
    I would like to ask : I see that the functions auto complete when Seb writes, is that part of a package that works with Textmate, or a tool like TextExpander instead?

  2. Moe

    Thank you for posting this Hetal, this have answered many questions I had in mind.

    Does Seb Lee have the source code uploaded anywhere on the information superhighway? :-)

  3. Glen

    Excellent tutorial, but is there any way you can upload a 720p or HD version? Everything on the screen he’s manipulating is blurry and unreadable

  4. Ziao

    Awesome vid, thought I didn’t really learn anything from it, it was still al whole lot of fun to watch!

    One thing that I did notice though, he did something like

    for i=0, 3 j=1,3 do …

    like two variables in 1 for loop?

    That bit confused me

  5. Ziao

    Ooooh nevermind, just checked the sourcecode and its actually this:

    for j =0,i+1 do

    Guess the vid was a bit blurry there :)


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