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We spent the next two months polishing up the game and making sure that there was enough content and puzzles. Aside from the puzzles themselves and the complexity of algorithms that required my partners and I to break out our computer science textbooks again, the next hardest thing was trying to figure out how we would handle the trailer. I knew I didn’t want a standard gameplay trailer. I was also under the assumption that to get what I wanted, we needed to pay someone to do a cool teaser with a story that would draw intrigue to our game. But it proved to be way too expensive. I also didn’t want to have to teach myself After Effects, Final Cut Pro, or any other professional video editing software either.

I was stuck for a while until it hit me on the head like a ton of bricks: “Why don’t I just use Corona?” This was my “aha” moment! I then sought out to find a musical composition to lay over my video.

Although the professional tools are probably easier to use once mastered, Corona worked perfectly for me in timing all of the transitions with the music. Game music is very important. Someone once told me it can draw you in or tune you out (so true!). This is where my work on a custom soundtrack with Andrew Riley from Lucky Lion Studios proved to be critical in giving the game the sound and feel I was looking for. In working with Andrew for about week, we nailed down the version that eventually ended up being the in-game music as well as the trailer.

Fast-forward through extensive beta-testing, running artificial intelligence for days that would make your average computer gag, hand-crafting and picking puzzles for maximized playability, we are proud to introduce RPS Rumble for iOS!

By deriving the rules of the game from the basics of rock-paper-scissors, RPS Rumble is an original take of the old school classic and the first puzzler of its kind. You are given a board of tiles representing these three characters in a variety of combinations. Move a tile one space in any direction where rock captures scissors, scissors captures paper, or paper captures rock. Strategize your moves by tapping or swiping your way around the board to clear it leaving one tile left.

Sounds simple? I guess you be the judge ;-)


We feel that the Corona SDK is the most advanced and flexible mobile development platform available. By developing RPS Rumble in a span of less than three months, this is just another testament to what is possible by using Corona. We believe that our story hits the heart of independent game development. Just remember to stick with it and strive for the best that you can do.

This has truly been a wild ride and I am hopeful that there is much more to come. Hope you have enjoyed our story and happy gaming!

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