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Seems like our buddies at inneractive really love Corona developers — so much so that they have decided to do yet another special Corona promo for the third month straight!

For the month of March, inneractive will be offering a “Disco Pack” for app discovery. The Disco Pack will utilize inneractive’s premium in-app inventory for banners, promoting your app and linking to the download page. All what you gotta do is sign up and send over the banners — inneractive will take care of the rest.

See? We told you we loved them! :-)

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4 Responses to “Corona SDK promo by inneractive for March 2012”

  1. Greg

    I just signed up, but now I don’t see anything about the disco promo anymore. Where do I go from the dashboard?

  2. Rat

    A groovy way to get customers. I like it, pity my app is far from finished, have to come back I guess.


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