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While most Americans plan to BBQ this 4th of July holiday, Corona Labs saved a whole lotta chickens over the weekend!

As a heroic firefighter chicken equipped with a red hard hat, you too can save dozens of chicks from catastrophic fires in Chickens BBQ. Created by the chicken-fanatic GuguGames studio, Chickens BBQ has some of the silliest, most creative cartoon animations we’ve seen yet.

By maneuvering a trampoline across the screen, your mission is to save the chicks and various household items as they fly out of the window of a burning building. With each heroic rescue, the chicks receive medical assistance from a fire truck and ambulance on deck, and you earn points that propel you to the next level. Sadly, the birds you fail to save turn to ghosts and go on to, what I presume to be, chick heaven. You can’t save them all!

And, just when you think this firefighting business is easy, you’ll encounter UFOs and other enemies who are out to make the rescue even more challenging.

The frenzied expression on the chickens’ faces alone is worth the download. Chickens BBQ available for iOSKindle Fire, and NOOK devices – talk about cross-platform app development! The game is great for players of all ages to enjoy a fun, silly chicken adventure.

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  1. Paulo Dichone

    Marco!!! Amico mio!! Again, congratulations!! Great job! This game, and previous ones you have created are AMAZING!!! BRAVO! Well deserved indeed!!!


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