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While Prince Harry romped through Vegas, I spent the week sharpening my geography skills with the Corona-made game, Aliens Abducted. I may have missed the tabloid drama, but I did learn 150 countries and flags in the process, and can now rock Wednesday night trivia with my newly gained knowledge.

Developed by Bilu Games, a small game studio focused on creating educational content for kids, Aliens Abducted offers some of the most spectacular 2D animations we’ve seen yet. The fast-paced platform mode runs at 60 fps, and the educational aspects make learning super fun.

When aliens Mo, Barry and Marvin are abducted from their home planet, the only thing that can get them home is your knowledge. By mastering over 150 countries and identifying regions of the world by their associated flags, you advance in the game and even get rewarded for your geographical savviness. Once you accumulate enough points, you unlock an awesome platform game where you get to fight robots. Each of the quirky aliens has such pizazz and personality that their reactions alone make this game worthwhile. The trio partakes in a victory dance when you succeed and perform goofy acts when you fail. Throughout the game, they prance around to music and make silly sound effects that make the whole experience highly entertaining.

To get you in touch with your intergalactic being, here’s a clip from E.T., the 1980’s sci-fi. Do you know what ranking the American Film Institute (AFI) gave the infamous, “ET phone home,” line? First person to guess (post a comment please!) wins a snazzy gift pack from Corona Labs. Get commenting folks and download Aliens Abducted for your iPad!

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7 Responses to “App of the Week: Aliens Abducted”

    • Inna

      You are correct, Jeremiah! :-P

      Please email me your info ( and I’ll send you a swag pack. Thanks!


  1. Malky

    Why don’t you stipulate what platform the game is created for at the start?

    I have android and there is no mention of the OS before reading and whetting one’s appetite only to let them down.


    • Rob

      Bacause Corona compiles for all, all you need do is re-compile it for the OS you want. The games are not created for a specific platform.

  2. Dmitry

    The trailer is really bad. Painter made a good job but everything else is horrible.
    1. they were lazy to make some animations so they just made a kinda old slide show (that do not fits UFO atmosphere at all)
    2. trailer tells me nothing about the game at all. Is it strategy or action or quest?


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