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An awesome app starts with an idea – but how do you turn your concept into a mobile reality? Today, we unveil the Corona SDK Tech Tutorials Center, the go-to spot for all of your technical needs, your “partner in crime” for app development, the “Robin to your Batman”… you get the idea!

The Tech Tutorials Center is a collection of guides, sample projects, tips, tricks, and strategies covering a wide array of Corona topics. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you’ll find proven app development methods, strategies, and time-tested solutions to the most frequently asked questions. We encourage you to explore and learn something new, or just brush up on your coding skills.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or if you have a new tutorial to add to the list, please contact us at

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3 Responses to “The Robin to your Batman – Corona SDK’s Tech Tutorial Center”

  1. Dave Baxter

    Brilliant idea, I really struggled when I first started using Corona to find the right information, this would have been a big help.


  2. Juan sample

    Juan sample

    Thank you for your reply…what i wanted to know is the equivalent of ” href” code in corona readable code? Or what is the format of hyperlink in corona…example: if i click this word (call) it will direct me to this number +6327218585

  3. Peter

    One of the things that attracted me to Corona initially was that, as far as the high-level language, cross-platform development languages/environments go, Corona had a good community and a good initial offering of tutorials. The weekly tuts and (which hasn’t been updated in a while, but was current when I made my decision) were more than I could find on other cross-platform development options at the time.

    It’s been great that Corona has kept this up and that there is now an official learning center, too. Offering ways to educate and capacitate your clients is a great way to keep them and a great way to attract interest. Thanks!


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