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Today, we are releasing a new public release 2014.2189!

We focused a lot on quality and polish this time around — a ton of improvements, enhancements, and fixes. More available on our release notes.

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on our release candidates. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to “New Public Release: 2014.2189”

  1. Felix

    Nice one!

    can you tell me why display.actualContentHeight and display.actualContentWidth now give the oposite values?
    (tested on windows simulator and android phone)

    • Silvia

      Thx Felix to notice this bug!! You save my sanity!
      I opened my project with this new public release and I was freaking out! Why do happen this kind of things from one release to the other?

  2. Felix

    Something is wrong with the tableviews now. I can not scroll to the last entries. If I enter a bottomPadding, I can make the table scroll to the end.
    This was not the case in the last puplic release.
    The value that I have to enter for bottomPadding is equal to the amount that I shift my tableview away from the center in y of the screen. Maybe coincidence, but it is the case for different sized and positioned tables.


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