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amz-chart (smaller)A few weeks ago, we announced that a 3rd party partner (Gremlin Interactive) was making some plugins available to Corona developers for purchase.

Gremlin has now made two additional plugins available: Amazon Ads and Chartboost!

You can see more info on our Plugin Directory (under “3rd Party Plugins”). Make sure you give Gremlin feedback if you have any, and support them in their efforts to bring more/new plugins to Corona developers!

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6 Responses to “Additional 3rd Party Plugins”

  1. Justin

    The Gremlin Interactive url is not working…looks like a failure on their end.

        • Gremlin Interactive

          Looks like the server issues are still happening randomly. They changed something their side and we have to wait a day before we can escalate the issue further.

          This is very frustrating but only seems to happen for about 5 minutes or less a time, and only once every 2>3 hours or so.

          My sincerest apologies for this. Unfortunately it’s a little out of my control until 24 hours pass and I can escalate the issue further.

          PS: This issue doesn’t affect licensing queries, as we have 3 servers in total to perform licensing checks.


  2. Gremlin Interactive

    Hey Justin.

    The issue should be fixed now, hopefully. Our host had some intermittent errors.
    Please let us know if you experience any further issues.


  3. Gremlin Interactive

    Update: We have been informed that our host has fixed their server issues.
    We have been monitoring our site and it appears that this issue has indeed been fixed.

    We will be keeping a close eye on the situation. Please let us know if you experience any problems.

    Thank you.


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