Moving On and Thanks

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Saying goodbye is always hard, but I have decided this is the right time for me to move on from Ansca’s day-to-day operations. Now I don’t want you all to get worked up. This is sudden, but it’s for personal reasons. And I’ll still be around as an advisor to the company – which is as strong as it has ever been. When we started on this crazy journey of ours 4 years ago, no one knew who we were. Walter and I were just two individuals interested in mobile who decided to start a company in mid-2008 to create apps for our own. I had no clue where the idea of making mobile apps would take us, but it has taken us where we

Guest Blog Post “A Rough Road That Led To Spin Up”

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This weeks Guest Blog Post comes from Nenad Katic all the way from Valencia, Spain. Born in Belgrade, Sebria, Nenad started his design studio called “No Sheet“. Nenad was Director of Technology at Screampoint where he developed the world’s first real-time software for urban management. He shares with us the success of his first game and how Corona helped him embark on his interactive journey. Hi, I’m Nenad, and I’ll cut the long introduction short: I was everything from architect to software engineer to fitness writer before I settled on interaction design with focus on games. My transition from designing spaces to design and facilitation of actual human actions has been a long process that was influenced by the research on design thinking, cognitive and positive psychology, and especially

App of the Week: Spin up (April 2nd, 2012)

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This week App of the Week goes to Spin Up. I had a sneak peek of this game while it was still in production and I wanted to to get my hands on it right away as I knew, by the looks of it, that it had quite the potential to be a great game, to become App of the Week, and  could potentially become a run-away hit at the AppStore. Once the game was release I installed it on my iPad, Walter’s iPad and started to play immediately. It is not a game you want to put down and as I over heard Walter, “it just keeps g0ing”. Yes, the game keeps going and each level and each ring gets more and more challenging.

Guest Blog Post: “The Making of StreetFood Tycoon”

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This weeks Guest Blog Post comes from Erick Garayblas all the way from the Philippines. Eric’s first Corona SDK Game has already been downloaded over 30,000 times and has reached #1 in several iTunes AppStore Markets. Hi, I’m Erick Garayblas, from Manila, Philippines and Kuyi Mobile is my brainchild. I founded Kuyi Mobile in the summer of 2009 to produce hard-to-put-down, quality mobile games catering to a vast range of audiences, from kids to kids at heart. Just recently, I released my most ambitious iOS game to date–Streetfood Tycoon.  After having 7 casual games in the App Store for the past 3 years, I decided to embark on a bigger project and focus my efforts on a resource management and simulation game which took me

App of the Week: Cat Wrangler for March 26th.

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Once again, I get to choose the app of the week, and once again, the volume of games and apps that are showing up is incredible. You guys are rocking ! Keep them coming. Aside from a great title, and a great game play, there is also another reason for me choosing this week’s winning app. I am a big fan of “Fallon“, the ad agency. And a few super bowls back, they did one of the funniest, at least for me, commercials for EDS. Yes. Cat Herders. So this week app is none other than “Cat Wrangler” from Untethered production. At first, you have to wonder what the “meowing” is all about, and once you get the hang of it, it is difficult to

App of the Week (March 19th, 2012): Apple Craze

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This week, guess who gets to choose the coveted Corona SDK app of the week? Me that’s who. And having played a few games this past week, the one game that stood out for me is “Apple Craze” by What’s great about this app is not just the game play, but the sounds and graphics and the lovable blue koala. Help this little  blue Koala find apples, cherry combos, destroy objects and more. Graphic detail is amazing and each level gets progressively more challenging. From description of the game “In a forest in distant Australia, a blue Koala made his home. The fluffy little darling spent all his days hanging on trees and chewing eucalyptus leaves. But everything changed when an apple fell out

Got an app, but need a web site? We’ve got an App(.net) for that….

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One of the big things we tell everyone who’s getting ready to launch an app is to make sure their app has a web site. However, after laboring hard over your app, sometimes you’re just too tired to build a solid web site for it. But now, we have an app for that — well, an! With our new friends at, you can get a pro-looking web presence for your app in a matter of minutes. You can create a beautiful landing page for your app (or a “coming soon” page if you’re still fine-tuning it) complete with App Store/Android download buttons and artwork for a Facebook tab. And depending on which package you pick, you can even give your web page its own dot-com domain for easy referral. For the next week,

Dinner with Roberto Ierusalimschy, co-creator of the Lua language

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Last night, I had the pleasure of having dinner with the co-creator of the Lua language, Roberto Ierusalimschy. Roberto currently is a visiting professor at Stanford and is teaching a programming class there on Lua. The last time Roberto and I had dinner was in Rio de Janeiro, near PUC University, during the summer of 2010. I was visiting Rio during the World Cup (even though the games were all being played in South Africa) and took time out to meet with Roberto and dine with him. Back at that dinner, we were joined by his wife, daughter, and a few family friends. This time, it was just Roberto and I — and a lot has happened since that first dinner! I remember showing him some

An afternoon with Dr. Brian Barsky

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This past Monday, I had the pleasure to sit down and enjoy a cup of cappuccino with one of the most influential figures in the field of splines and its use in computer graphics and geometric modeling. I’m talking about Brian Barsky, co-author of the book An Introduction to Splines for use in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling. It was a nice afternoon and could not have asked for a better Bay Area day. No clouds, sunny, and by the time we met for coffee, the sun had began to set (ooh la la!). The UC Berkeley campus was a block away from where we sitting and, by the time we got our drinks, students were filling up the sidewalk with murmurs about classes, school

Corona SDK for eBooks: Because education isn’t a Mac-only privilege

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If anyone in our business has been hiding under a rock today, or still recovering from all the SOPA/PIPA news yesterday, or are eagerly anticipating yet another presidential debate in South Carolina, then you probably missed Apple’s announcement about the new iBook Author tool — their foray into creating textbooks and interactive eBooks. While I think that it’s a move which highlights the trend of migrating toward digital books (with today’s move by Apple as the official “trumpet” sound of said migration), I like to think of it as another tool in Apple’s arsenal to keep its iDevices ecosystem one step ahead of the competitors. But in all honesty — of course, I’m extremely biased here — the biggest drawback to Apple’s new book publishing tool