‘State of the Corona’ Address

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to tell you about our latest doings here, at Ansca, in regards to Corona SDK. I started writing this blog post and got carried away from looking at what we, as a team (you and us!), have accomplished in just a year, and then I began to ponder what the new year will bring. Soon enough, I realized I was going off a tangent when the real focus should be on what’s next with Corona. So what is next? Simple. We are going to add the features that have been brought up by many of you for quite sometime now, and we are going to strictly focus on the features that have been “missing” and plaguing

Cyber Monday Corona SDK giveaway

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I’ll cut right to the chase:  If you buy Corona SDK PRO from now until December 31, 2011, you can get Corona Project Manager (a $74.99 value) for free. E-mail us your proof of Corona SDK PRO subscription purchase to get the registration key to enable your CPM copy. Not valid with any other coupons, discounts or educational subscription purchases. If you bought a Corona SDK PRO subscription between November 1st and November 24th, you may be eligible for Corona Project Manager at a 40% off. Email us at cpmpromo@anscamobile.com for details.

Happy Thanksgiving from Ansca Mobile!

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It’s turning out to be quite a stellar year for us, and it is all due to the support and trust you have given us. Creating a technology company is no easy feat, and this year we managed to grow immensely. Of course, we the Ansca team can’t thank you enough for being part of this enterprising journey. I could go on endlessly about all the things we have done, but at the end of the day we just want to say thank you for your loyalty, support, and trust. But maybe some gifts would be nice too, eh? To celebrate the spirit of the holidays, we have been working with Corona Project Manager creator Jay Jennings and are going to offer you the following: If you buy

Lighting the Amazon Kindle Fire…

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Team, Starting with tonight’s daily build, PRO subscribers will be able to build for the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Yes, we heard you — and even though we are still testing Kindle Fire builds from Corona, we feel confident enough to enable the option to build for it starting tonight.(!!!) I want to emphasize two things: This feature is only enabled for PRO subscribers and currently will only be available through our Daily Builds. There are, as with any “just get the bits out the door” releases, bound for bugs to happen — so, you’ve been forewarned! It would make our life much easier if you help us by entering bugs through our bug tracking system. Entering bugs in blog comments is a lot less

Recap: CTIA Enterprise & Apps 2011 in San Diego

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Here we are, coming to you live from CTIA’s Enterprise & Applications 2011 conference at the San Diego Convention Center! Before I proceed, I must apologize to any of you reading this from cold weather climates, as it’s warm and ridiculously sunny outside. Anyway, Samsung invited us to be part of their technology showcase here, at CTIA.  We have prime real estate on the exhibition floor because Samsung’s presence is huge!  Their space on the exhibition floor is gigantic with several companies represented, built-in conference rooms, and interesting displays of Samsung wireless technology. In fact, the lanyards around everyone’s necks even have the Galaxy S II on them. It’s been great meeting so many Corona developers at the show.  I’ve heard a lot about some great apps and games made

Thoughts on Flash

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Three years ago. That’s right. Three years ago, nobody knew who the heck we were. I would tell people I had started a company and it was a mobile software company, and nobody had a clue as to what I was working on, let alone understand the market the way Walter and I did. We informally started the company in mid-2008, and began the tireless hustle and sleepless nights of courting VC funding in 2009. Finally, on 09-09-09, we got funded at the tune of $1 million dollars. That was in 2009. During most of 2010, still, nobody knew who we were. We had an abysmal website with no traffic, hardly any apps made with Corona, no active developer community, and we were burning cash

Most Innovative Startup!

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Imagine our surprise when we received the news. Walter and I went into automatic Google mode,  to see if anybody was pulling a prank on us. I am known to pull some elaborate pranks, so it wouldn’t surprise me if one of my friends would pull a prank of this magnitude. (yes, it’s happened before) Turns out, it was for real! I, along with Walter, would like to thank you for voting for us, and for trusting our Corona SDK as your platform of choice when it comes to mobile game development. This truly is an honor and it is an honor for us to provide you with the #1 framework for mobile development. Being named one of the most innovative startups not only reassures

New additions to the Ansca team

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It is with great pleasure to announce that we have two new additions to the Ansca team! They are Danny Glover (a.k.a. @InfusedDreams) and Jayant Varma (a.k.a. @OZApps). Both have been avid Corona users and have contributed greatly in our forums, as I’m sure many of you have had the pleasure of seeing before. Danny has already been contributing in our forums, answering questions about programming, helping newbies understand Corona better, and also contributing to our code-share repository. Jayant will be leading the Corona Ambassador program as well as other developer outreach initiatives. Welcome Danny and Jayant! Carlos

A few words from us regarding WebOS…

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Oh boy, what a day! You may be wondering why are we writing a blog post about WebOS, newly ditched, and not about the Googorola (Google × Motorola) deal. Well, for Googorola it was no brainer — it’s still Android after the deal is signed, and our Corona SDK obviously still supports Android. So, it wasn’t blog-worthy. But WebOS? Carlos, are you serious??? Well, it should not come as a surprise that we’re always looking for ways to help you monetize your apps. Thus, looking at alternative platforms is something we do continually to get as many users as possible to play and engage with your apps developed with Corona. Our premise from day one has been cross-platform. And by using Corona, you are pretty

We shipped, LaunchPad, and the first ever Corona SDK hackathon

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Phew! We did it. Thanks to all of you, we had a great and smooth release. The most ambitious release to date of our Corona SDK went without a hitch last week. We got the bits out the door almost perfect — yes, there were some quirks but nothing that would have caused us to recall and stop the release altogether. We are getting there slowly but surely and, with your support and feedback, we have been able to address and fix some last-minute issues that crept up. I would like to thank the team at inMobi for providing a hotline for our users and for being on top of the forums the day of release and the days after. The team showed up at