The importance of opening our offices to you

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A few days ago, Jonathan Beebe of Beebe Games (makers of Tilt Monster, Cavern Drake, and a few others) dropped by our offices and spent the day with us. A day later, Cesar and Edgar Miranda (the GDC Startup camp winners) stopped by the offices to hang out; and this past Friday, Angelo and Tobiah from Yobonja (makers of Blast Monkeys, our February App of the Month winner) also stopped by the offices to say hi and chat. They all tweeted that they were here, took some photos around the offices and with us, and we all later went out to dinner afterwards with our guests. I received an e-mail asking me if we ever worked, and why we let outsiders into our offices. At first,

Meet Ansca Mobile at SXSW Interactive!

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Meet me at SXSW Interactive this week and next. I’ll be there from Friday, March 11th (yesterday) to Tuesday, March 15th. In between the millions of panel discussions and even more parties, I’ll be spreading the word about the fastest, easiest way to make mobile games and apps — Corona SDK! Follow me! Twitter: @gg_ansca Foursquare: gg_ansca Gowalla: gg_ansca My SXSW schedule See you there!

The Battle of Mobile OS is about to begin…

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A few weeks back, Walter, my co-founder, wrote about the fate of Android. Today, I will expand on that with my view of things. There has been a lot said about Android and Apple iDevices lately. Not a day goes by where we don’t learn about a new study that shows that Apple users have installed far more apps on their iPhone than Android users, or that Android devices have surpassed the number of Apple devices, that the number of ad impressions on Android devices have surpassed iAds impressions, and so forth. At some point the data becomes useless, biased, inaccurate, and misinterpreted. All this oftentimes leaves a sour taste with developers trying to develop for either one of the platforms. This information overload is

App of the Week effect?

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You may have noticed an increase in Corona-powered apps in the “New & Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” sections in the App Store. I did a quick glance at the App Store, and just by recognizing the icons, I could discern the following apps on their respective categories’ top pages. A Cry Wolf Tale (iPad Book) Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race (iPad Book) Spikeball for Two Happy Doodle Sushi Zombies Ala Mode ROBOT 99 Adventure Basic Math Guitar Fretter Compass for iPad Garden of Orbs Beachball Pop Bubble Ball Holidazed These are a fraction of your apps that are popping up at the top of the charts in the App Store. Many of the apps have been our App of the Week winners, so I would

Use dynamic layouts in universal builds with Corona SDK

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Universal Builds are a feature I’m really excited about in the latest version of Corona SDK. There are some great possibilities that you can take advantage of in your apps with Universal Builds in Corona SDK. Corona SDK can do some amazing things with dynamic content scaling and dynamic image resolution to make sure your graphics look sharp on hi-res screens. What I’d like to add is that you can have dynamic layouts on different devices as well. Where I Last Left Off A while back I posted a tutorial on the blog, “Create scrolling list views with text and graphics in Corona”. Then I posted an update to show how easy it would be to modify so that the same code that you used

Corona SDK is now on Windows.

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It’s been an exciting past week for us here, at Ansca! In between all the hoopla around Bubble Ball, we also moved to a new office, ironed out some last minute show-stoppers, waited for the Apple approval process on three apps with new Corona SDK features for iOS (in-app purchases and universal binaries), monitored our servers as the traffic load increased astronomically — it goes without saying we have had a really busy week, and I still don’t see any signs of slowing down. Of course, I’m not complaining one bit! Without further ado, for all you Android developers who have been asking for Corona SDK on Windows, here is something you’ll probably like: I thought about what the best approach for the rest of this

Eric Wing, author and programmer extraordinaire joins us as Senior Software Engineer

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It is my great pleasure to let you all know that book author and programmer extraordinaire Eric Wing has joined the Ansca Mobile team, and we are very excited to have him on board!  Actually, Eric has been around with us for a few months now and has already put his OpenGL Kung Fu skills and audio skills to good use in our Corona SDK. But now, it’s official! Eric implemented OpenAL, universal binaries, in-app purchases (upcoming!), and more into the current version of Corona. At the moment, he is cranking away at some of the other features our users have requested, and some other really crazy ones that I won’t mention yet because it will totally ruin the surprise! I asked Eric to write a

Happy Holidays! An update on what's coming in 2011

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To Our Corona Developers: First and foremost, I want to wish you — our Corona SDK development community — safe and happy holidays! Thank you all for your continued support and trust in us and our product. With 2011 upon us, I want to let you know what is ahead and what to expect from us in the first few weeks of January and the first half of the new year: . Big Announcements Coming Soon Stay tuned as we will make two major product announcements in January. While we can’t disclose exactly what they are yet, we can say they will open up mobile development to an even larger market! . Unlimited Trial Period Effective January, we are no longer going to limit Corona SDK

Ghosts vs. Monsters: Open source game made with Corona SDK

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There’s a question that’s been asked many times over in our forums, e-mails, and at gatherings:  Can Corona SDK create a game similar to Angry Birds, and how easy is it to do? Without a doubt, our answer has always been a solid “yes!” Then, the next question has been “Can I see a demo?” Yikes. We’ve never had a demo of an Angry-something to show off the power of Corona. One day, the team and I were bouncing ideas on how to make a simple Angry-anything demo to ship with in our disk image to show off Corona. Then, it dawned on us — we have some outstanding developers using Corona, we should ask them to “surprise us” with one! Well, our good friend Jonathan Beebe and his

Ansca and Barnes & Noble's NOOKcolor

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About three weeks ago, I was invited to attend the launch event of Barnes & Noble’s new NOOKcolor. I had read a lot of information about the device, and was eager to see what all the hoopla was about. Three months prior to the B&N event, I had visited Samsung to see the new Galaxy Tab and yet again, here I was at the prospect of yet another Android tablet ready to saturate the already saturated tablet market. While at the launch event, I bumped into some old friends from Adobe as well as the leadership of the mobile unit at B&N. Ted Patrick, Chief Evangelist – Developer Relations for NOOK, had invited me to the event and I was eager to track him down so