Carlos' Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs

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For a number of years I have been invited to give a series of talks at Florida International University’s School of Computing and Information Sciences and at the University of Miami’s College of Engineering. Both schools asked me to elaborate on my experiences as a software engineer at a Fortune 500 company and about what it’s like to start a company in Silicon Valley. This past Tuesday, (November 2nd) I was invited to FIU to chat about what I thought was going to be about the challenges of going mobile and how Ansca — with its Corona SDK — solved the problem of platform fragmentation with iOS and Android devices. With FIU being far removed from Silicon Valley, I figured the students would benefit not

Inspiration: 90 Minutes with a Giant

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It is not everyday that you get to meet one of the giants in the computer industry.  Specifically, the one person who was part of the most magnificent “Insanely Great”team that built the original Macintosh. How insane is that? Bill Atkinson. Creator of MacPaint, QuickDraw, and HyperCard – the precursor of today’s hyperlinks in this crazy world we now call “the web” and other Mac/Lisa software. It wasn’t surprising to me that I’d be in awe of The Creator — the guy who practically built the Mac!  The Macintosh 128K was my second computer. My first computer was an Apple IIe. But why am I taking the time to write all of this? What was it about those 90+ minutes I spent talking to a man

Corona and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7?

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It is no secret that, here at Ansca, we are looking at what our next mobile platform should be for Corona — and this should not come to a surprise to anyone, especially in this fast-moving mobile industry. While Apple iOS and Google Android have captured the minds and market as the two top mobile platforms, who is on third? Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 (WP7)? Palm OS? RIM? Samsung’s Bada? Symbian? Meego? Several weeks ago, weeks prior to the WP 7 launch, I met with Brian H. from Microsoft to discuss Corona and WP7. He was very excited to discuss WP7 and Corona and to show me the features of his WP7. It was literally watching a kid play with the toy he has dreamed of

Create scrolling list views with text and graphics in Corona

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We’ve created a set of mobile user interface frameworks that will give you a jumpstart on creating professional, touch screen apps in Corona. In this article, I’ll show you how to add text, graphics, and custom behaviors to the List View. The List View accepts a variety of parameters. The following are the basic parameters you’ll need for this tutorial: data. A table containing elements that the list can iterate through to display in each row. default. An image for the row background. Defines the hit area for the touch. backgroundColor. Specify a table that contains R, G, B values. Example: {255, 255, 255}. callback. A function that defines how to display the data in each row. Each element in the data table will be

Corona and the new Apple TOS Agreement Changes

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Here at Ansca, we happily welcome the new Apple TOS relaxing the stance on third party developer tools for iOS. What does it mean to you, our current users, and for future users of the Corona SDK? It means that you can now use Corona as the development tool of choice for your cross-platform app development, for both games and non-game apps, on both iOS and Android devices. It also means that you no longer have to worry about our technology not being compliant with Apple, today or in the future. As we have done, we will continue to deliver the best development tool for app creation on iOS and Android devices. We truly believe we are delivering the fastest, easiest way to develop apps

Pillbox App Powered by Corona SDK Coming Soon to iPhone, iPad, and Android

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Imagine you are an EMT, you go on a call to a house and find a person passed out next to an unlabeled bottle of pills. You need to identify what they might have taken — with the Pillbox app you can take out your mobile device, search, and load high resolution photos, and making a positive ID. Pillbox is a visual identification system (still in beta and not yet approved for clinical use) created by the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.  It’s a tool for doctors, poison control centers, other medical professionals, and the public to quickly and accurately identify pills. There are also links to FDA data for each entry, giving the user access to side effects, overdose

New for iPad: Eyes of the Prophet by Ansca Mobile

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Discover a new world through Eyes of the Prophet! Created with Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile. A story that portrays a revisionist story on the true origins of vampires and their rise to power. Read this first prequel to the soon to be released novel. You can experience this story for the first time in a revolutionary way on iPad. Swipe your fingers across the screen and navigate through the comic.

Educational Pricing Out Now! Only 49 bucks!

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(Editor’s note: due to abuse, public availability of education pricing has been suspended.) We just released the details about our educational pricing.  Students and educators can now get the Corona SDK for $50 off!  That’s almost half off the already low low introductory price! Ansca Corona SDK Educational Price: $49 And if you order now, you’ll also qualify for an alpha copy of the Corona Game Edition! Zowee!  Corona Game Edition brings a physics engine, sprite sheets, Open Feint integration, and much more to the Corona SDK.  Watch the video. Impress your teachers. Amaze your students. Be the hit of the party when you show off your own apps in the AppStore. Get Corona for Education now!

Alien Horde by Matthew Pringle

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You are the last surviving member of a UNMC rescue party. Your whole squad murdered by hostile alien life forms. Surrounded, they are attacking you from all sides. The only option is to fight, take as many of them with you as you can. Turn the marine with the on screen controls, the accelerometer or the compass to get an alien in your sights. Wait for the scanner to lock on, press shoot and boom! No more alien… Your shotgun shells are your life, run out and you won’t survive the next close encounter. When an alien gets too close you use up one shell defending yourself. Every 500 points you get an extra shell, if you can survive that long… Alien Horde, made with

New for iPhone: A Temple A Day by

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A Temple A Day, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, selects and displays a different LDS (Mormon) Temple around the world, every day. Features include: – Information about the Temple – Call Temple – See map with Temple coordinates – Share info to your Facebook account – In landscape mode, see full Temple picture