Corona Geek #126 – Sharing Data Between Composer Library Scenes

During last week’s Hangout we talked about memory management in Composer library scenes. This week we continued the discussion with a look at three ways to share data between scenes, how to store data long term for access between app uses, and how to add fields to a locally stored settings file without losing the original values in the file.

Corona Geek #124 – Composer Library Scene Management

During this week’s Hangout, Ed Maurina covered how to use the Composer library and scene template to create and manage scenes in our apps. We also discuss the various Composer library events and point out some important concepts to be aware of when working with scenes using the Composer library.

Corona Geek #121 – How menuMe Is Re-Inventing The Restaurant Menu

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout, we talked with Chris Neider, CEO of menuMe about his beautifully designed restaurant menu app. Chris shared his approach to cross platform development, working with remote team members, interacting with potential customers, and how the menuMe app delivers rich images without sacrificing user experience.

Corona Geek #120 – Fart Watch for Apple Watch Developer Interview

During this week’s Corona Geek Hangout we talked with the developers of Fart Watch, a soon to be favorite app that’s being developed for the anticipated launch of Apple Watch. We learned what the developers think of WatchKit, what features they plan to include in their app, and where they think the future of wearables is headed.